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Alaq II [2017]

for piano

commissioned by Susanne Kessel 

premiere: 05/22/2017, Bonn, Germany, Susanne Kessel

duration: 3’



Talaq II [2016]

for piccoloclarinet

commissioned by Carlos Cordeiro

premiere: 11/01/2016, Boston, USA; Carlos Cordeiro

duration: 5’



Alaq I [2015]

for piano

commissioned by I-Park Foundation

premiere: 08/23/2015, East Haddam, USA; Yumi Suehiro

duration: 1'



A.Q. II  [2015]

for amplified piano and tape 

supported by the city of Salzburg

duration: 6’



Salatul Eid [2012]

for piano 

premiere: 04/23/2012, Salzburg, Austria; Hyeonjun Jo

duration: 6,5’



In Progress: 


New Work

for Saxophone

premiere 03/16/2018, Huddersfield, St. Pauls, UK; Joshua Hyde

duration: approx. 7'



Updated: 02/2018