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08/01/2020, Tolstefanz, Germany 


Salāt (2011)

for string quartet WP


NEO-String Quartet

 Aussichten concert series 



11/02/2020, Huddersfield, UK


lecture on my polywork cycle Hajj


CeReNeM Colloquium 

University of Huddersfield



07/04/2020, Tolstefanz, Germany


Shrouded-Cloaked Cycle


Shrouded (2018)

for soprano saxophone


Cloaked (2019)

for tenor saxophone


WP of the cycle  


Simone Ehinger

Aussichten concert series



01/05/2020, New York, USA


Alaq Zyklus (2015-20)

for piano


Alaq I (2015)

Alaq II (2017)

Alaq III (2019/20) WP


WP of the cycle 


Yumi Suehiro 

mise-en place



24/06/2020, Klagenfurt, Austria




Artistic Research – Was ist das? 

 Status Quo, Potenziale, Gefahren


Gustav Mahler Privatuniversität für Musik 



09/2020, Berlin, Germany


Karōshi (2018-20)

for soprano with sound objects WP


Cansu Yalcin

Berlin Art Week