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Berlin, Germany



(Berlin-Stipend/ Junge Akademie)


Academy of Arts Berlin



01/30/2017, New York City, USA


Talaq II for piccoloclarinet


Carlos Cordeiro

Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn



03.2017 - 09.2017, Istanbul, Turkey  


Artist in Residence


Stipend of the Art Foundation NRW Germany



04/2017, USA


Talaq II for piccoloclarinet


Carlos Cordeiro



05/22/2017, Bonn, Germany


Alaq II (2017) for piano WP 


Susanne Kessel


Haus der Luft- und Raumfahrt

Beethoven-Project of Susanne Kessel



05/23/2017, Istanbul, Turkey


Lecture about my music


Mimar Sinan University 



06/2017, Boston, USA


Talaq II for piccoloclarinet


Carlos Cordeiro



06/19/2017 - 07/01/2017, Paris, France


ManiFeste Academy





07/01/2017, Paris, France


Precious Liquids (2017) WP

for clarinet and string trio


ensemble intercontemporain 

Centre Pompidou



07/21/2017, Tolstefanz, Germany


√úc zamanlarin gruplari (2010) for clarinet, violoncello and piano 


trio sostenuto


Concertseries "Aussichten"



08/22/2017, Melbourne, Australia


Tariq (2017) WP

for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, piano and percussion


Ensemble Francaix

Australian National Academy of Music