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Talaq II 



Kompositionsauftrag von Carlos Cordeiro



Besetzung: Piccolo-Klarinette

Dauer: 4,5'

Entstehung: 13.12.2015 - 23.04.2016

Entstehungsorte: Salzburg_München_Eskisehir_Frankfurt am Main

Widmungsträger: Carlos Cordeiro



  • 06.05.2018_Künstlerhaus_Salzburg_Österreich_Andreas Schablas 
  • 05.05.2018_Künstlerhaus_Salzburg_Österreich_Andreas Schablas 
  • 04.05.2018_Künstlerhaus_Salzburg_Österreich_Andreas Schablas (Klarinettist_oenm)
  • 31.01.2018_Yapi Kredi Konzertsaal_Istanbul_Türkei_Hezarfen Ensemble
  • 13.12.2016_New York University_New York City_USA_Carlos Cordeiro
  • 01.11.2016_Holy Cross College_Boston_USA_Carlos Cordeiro




Talaq II tries to handle the piccoloclarinet in a dandified manner. For that reason, categories of melodic and sonorous beauty, of elegance are important. Fragility of sound is the other point, which is in the nature of the dandy. 
Talaq II is part of a polywork: Parts of it are included in my work "Ka“ (2016) for six wind instruments. And "Ka“ will be included in a music theater piece called „Kar“, a novel by Orhan Pamuk.