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Kompositionsauftrag der I-Park Foundation



Besetzung: Flöte_Klarinette_Posaune_Klavier_Violine_Kontrabass

Dauer: 5'

Entstehung: 12.06.2015 - 10.08.2015

Entstehungsorte: Singapur_Salzburg

Widmungsträger: Ensemble mise-en





  • 31.01.2018_Yapi Kredi Konzertsaal_Istanbul_Türkei_Hezarfen Ensemble
  • 24.08.2015_Cell Theater_New York City_USA_Ensemble mise-en_Dirigent: Moon Young Ha
  • 23.08.2015_St.Stephens Episcopal Church_East Haddam_USA_Ensemble mise-en_Dirigent: Moon Young Ha




Iqra is the first verse of the Qur’an, which was disclosed. It means: recite! This expresses already the essence of the Qur’an. It is about recitation. The Qur’an-Recitation has a more than 1400-year tradition. It is inherent musical and structural. My piece Iqra (2015) is, like  A.Q.A.R. (2014) for ensemble and tape and Ğumu’ah for oboe and piano (2015), continuing my discursive and critical work with different sound-characteristics of the Qur’an-Recitation. 


The compositional research of the Qur’an-Recitation, free of any ideology and dogmatism, is not well explored in art music even now, and is thus an avant-garde working field. The aim of my artistic research is to find a new aesthetics of the Qur’an in the 21st century.

Each of the 114 chapters of the Qur'an has an unique rhythmical and aural structure, an individual phrasing, an individual tone. Thus, the artistic potential that is inherent in this field of work, is immeasurable.  


The starting point for this piece was a aural and structural analysis of chapter Al-Ĥāqqah (69) in the recitation of Sheikh Shuraim with a Duration of 4’27’’. The generation of the different parameters of music have their basis in that recitation. The inner energy of the recitation is transformed into the piece and leads to a transcendental and metaphysical aspect. 


Discursive interculturality in the art music of the 21st century is of high priority in our global age and can drive new musical developments. Through aural and structural integration of various elements of the Qur’an-Recitation in a critical and discursive way, I want to contribute with my work to the artistic development on an intercultural and global level.