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Alaq I



Kompositionsauftrag der I-Park Foundation


Besetzung: Klavier

Dauer: 1'

Entstehung: beendet am 21.08.2015

Entstehungsorte: East Haddam (USA)

Widmungsträger: Yumi Suehiro






Alaq is the first piece of a larger piano cycle, which I am still working on. As in my piece A.Q.II it uses tuning-fork-techniques and preparations, which produce sounds in the spectrum between fragility and clearness. The main question was, how is it possible to write piano music in the 21st century. Which qualities should it have? This question I am trying to answer in that cycle.


Alaq lasts approx. 53 seconds. It refers to surah Alaq (96) in the recitation of Sheik Shuraim, which has the same duration. 



Alaq II



Kompositionsauftrag von Susanne Kessel


Besetzung: Klavier

Dauer: 2'45''

Entstehung: 24.12.2016 - 26.01.2017

Entstehungsorte: Salzburg

Widmungsträger: Susanne Kessel





  • 22.05.2017_Haus der Luft- und Raumfahrt_Bonn_Susanne Kessel